It stands to reason that publishers have a duty of care to ensure that any advertisement they accept for publication is decent and does not offend large or small elements of the community.

If you find an advertisement offensive, contact an Association with an interest in the specific field. For example; if you object to the way that women are being portrayed in a particular advertisement, (poster, tv, newspaper, magazine, Internet etc…..), then try contacting an organisation with a specialised interest and seek confirmation that they will take your case onboard. In our example, there are a whole host of organisations representing the interests of women, their names and addresses can be found in a substantial publication known as the Directory of British Associations. Most public libraries hold a copy or can obtain one. A specialist organisation can firstly assess the validity of your claim and if they agree, can often bring considerable weight upon the offending medium and/or the advertiser. Such organisations will often be experts in arguing and in public relations and will often have influential people to support their complaints.

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